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Royal Palm Fact or Fiction?

So there we were, invited to attend the annual Beachcomber Top 10 awards at the Best Hotel in the Indian Ocean - Royal Palm, a leading hotel of the World.

I had heard a great deal of what Royal Palm Hotel had to offer but unfortunately had never experienced it, fortunately the Top 10 awards was an ideal opportunity to experience all that this exquisite and luxurious Hotel had to offer. From the moment that we arrived I could understand why this was the prized possession of the Indian Ocean in terms of Luxury, everything at check in happened with such amazing grace that it was like we had been there before and they knew all of our individual needs.

I was shown to my suite which had a magnificent view both of the pool below but more importantly of the fast setting sun and the very inviting Indian ocean below. Naturally I had to go and have a quick swim just to refresh myself and feel like I was on holiday. Royal Palm has a mooring out at sea which I swam out to and could see the entire resort in its full splendor with the sun setting creating the most fantastic light show off the sand & the volcanic rock of the Hotel. The quick swim was followed by a magnificent welcome dinner at the Natureaty Restaurant, now as we are were all competitors at the dinner there was some good natured banter about who was the best retailer and the like. The one thing we all agreed on though was that we were very fortunate to sell as Exquisite a product as Royal Palm as part of the Beachcomber offering.

After dinner the fun started, the less adventurous types went straight to bed whilst the party set went out in Grand baie. What an experience is all I can say and that great fun was had by all and certainly worth the trip for a jol if you are staying at Le Mauricia, Le Canonnier or the Royal Palm. Naturally if it is pure relaxation that you are after I would not recommend it as you will probably only get to bed in the wee hours of the morning. This was a brilliant experience and certainly great fun if you are up for it.

Anyway I digress, let's talk about Royal Palm. After a big night out I ordered breakfast to be served in my room, naturally I expected the usual tray plonked on my bed and nothing more. How incorrect I was, the staff marched in and set up an incredible spread on my veranda. This was brilliant as I sat there like Royalty enjoying a vast array of fruits, breads, cereals all in the comfort of my own suite. Needless to say I was most impressed. Next on the agenda was the Spa (tough life, but hey someone has to do it!), I have to be honest & say that this was the best spa experience that I have ever had. The recently refurbished Spa is quite simply Stunning. My massage was just what was needed after a big night and a hearty breakfast. All in all the trip was going along rather nicely.

After the massage I went down to the beach to go and socialize with my colleagues. Everyone was in their element and all being Mauritius Experts agreed that this had to be the finest Resort in the Indian Ocean, no small compliment to Royal Palm. The afternoon was a very relaxing affair, cocktails on the beach, lunch at La Bar Plage and the occasional swim out to the mooring made for a very pleasant day. That evening was the top 10 awards where Beachcomber & Royal Palm put on the most exquisite seafood spread, everyone was full of life and felt very privileged to be a part of this magnificent event. Royal Palm was in a word outstanding, I very quickly came to understand what all the fuss was about.

Once the awards were over we retired to the bar which overlooks the sea and provides a very personalized service. It was surreal just sitting there and enjoying each other's company gratified that we were very fortunate to be rewarded for supporting this unbelievable product that is Royal Palm.

The next day was an outing to Flat Island, we had a remarkable day braaing Crayfish, swimming in the unspoilt waters and just relaxing. The day was an outstanding success and offered a view of all that there is to do on the magnificent Island of Mauritius. Not only did I feel spoilt to have experienced this but I also felt privileged, Royal Palm is expensive - but worth every cent. It is a magnificent bastion of Old World standards in a new age yet it is not "old". Celebrities feel at home here as did I, so please allow me to go back to Royal Palm by booking your Mauritius Holiday through beachtag.

The only thing that I would change if I had to was that we were transferred both ways by bus, Naturally if I were a paying guest I would definitely do one of my transfers in the Rolls Royce & the other by Helicopter.

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